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Director Neil Blomkamp (District 9) has been set to direct the next ALIEN film.The film takes place after the period of Prometheus. Ridley Scott will produce.

GIGER H.R. GIGER has passed away. He was one of the great artists of the 20th Century. A brilliant painter, sculptor, and designer. He was a kind soul and will be deeply missed.

Giger Exhibition in Linz, Austria: Die Kunst der Biomechanik

September 5th – 29th 2013

A Cooperation between
LENTOS Kunstmuseum Linz & Ars Electronica

Morpheus Fine Art will be exhibiting works by many of our fantastic and surreal artists at the Copro Gallery in Santa Monica, CA beginning with an opening on July 27th. There will be several Giger limited edition prints at the exhibition.

H.R. GigerH.R. Giger is just been inducted into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame. He joins such masters as Harlan Ellison, Sir Arthur C. Clarke, Ray Bradbury, and George Lucas.

Giger Museum Show June 22ndCelebrating the 15th Year of the Museum in Gruyeres, Switzerland on June 22nd. Find out the details of this show and event.

GIGER and MORPHEUS will be exhibited at the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas in late December.

PROMETHEUS, the new Ridley Scott film, firmly grounded in the visual aesthetic and designs of H.R. Giger will be released Worldwide this month.

The 2012 H.R. Giger calendar will not be published this year due to the Border's bankrupcy. We hope to resume with the 2013 calendar.

New Passagen Watch inspired by GigerNew Passagen Watch inspired by H.R. Giger's Passagen art. Swiss made limited edition ETA automatic with GIGER etched on the crown opposite side. 14 part case with sapphire crystal. Giger has long been fascinated with watches and their themes. Available at

Dan O'Bannon passed away in Los Angeles on December 17th. He was 63. O'Bannon was one of the creative forces behind the original ALIEN film, and suggested Giger's art to director Ridley Scott.

Giger Museum Celebrates 10th Anniversary June 21st at the Museum in Gruyere's, Switzerland. Contact for details.